Monday, February 18, 2013

A long week

Where did the week go?  I started last Monday with high hopes of getting a lot accomplished.  Starting new projects and finishing old ones.  My plans were soon derailed, though, when I woke up at 5 in the morning on Tuesday with the stomach flu:(  Not fun, not fun at all.  I was so out of it, but I did manage to make a call to the hubster who was out of town on business and ask how he was feeling.  He said he felt fine.  But then I got a call that afternoon that he was sick, too.  The only thing that sucks worse than the stomach flu is being away from home when you have it.  So the week consisted of me just trying to find something to eat that tasted kind of good and willing myself to get better.  The hubster was still out of town for Valentine's Day, which wasn't the worst since we both still didn't feel 100%.  He did manage to send me a Valentine's Day surprise via a special package that was delivered to my door on Thursday.  Man, this guy knows that the true key to my heart is through not just a present, but surprise ones I get through the mail.  He buys and sells things online, so I'm always jealous when the packages are for him.  I carefully opened (of course I didn't utilize a pair of scissors unsafely by stabbing them into the package, ahem) the package and smiled a big one to myself when I thought about how well this guy knows me.  It was a record from the band "Of Monsters and Men"! 

I headed to my record player and delicately took out the first of two records.  I saw a hint of pink through the wrapper, but nothing prepared me for how cool this record is.  It's pink!!!  What a perfect present for Valentine's Day--a pink record from an awesome band.  10 bajilion gold stars in my book. 

When the hubs got home Friday, we had some delicious cake (Hy-Vee white wedding cake), talked about how sick we were of being sick, and listened to some tunes.  Tulips and a balloon topped this Valentine's Day as being pretty darn good, considering I was puking my guts out a few days before.

So I started the week not doing so hot, but I ended the week like this.....

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  1. I just found you through your comment on The Mermaid Chronicles most recent post. I found what you said beautiful and it made me want to know more about you. After seeing this picture video I just had to subscribe. How awesome are you?!?! I love people who can be silly and have fun. :)

    Sorry you had a lousy week but that record looks AMAZING!!! I've never wanted my own record player more badly.

    Can't wait to explore your blog some more. :D


  2. You got the gif working! Cool. I've always wanted to know how to do that. That record is awesome. I love Of Monsters and Men, but I'm not as cool as you because I only have the mp3 version of their songs. It looks like things are looking up...especially if you're dancing :)


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