Monday, February 11, 2013

What we did last weekend

The weekend started off great.  We went out to dinner with some close friends Friday night to celebrate one of said friend's birthday.  The food was outstanding, and it was just fun to hang out with them.  
But on Saturday, I was in a winter funk.  I was restless, but didn't want to actually do anything.  I blame it on the cold weather.  I've lasted pretty long, but I can't stand it anymore.  I want it to be spring!  I want to be able to go outside, and it be warm enough not to wear a jacket.  I think what has made this winter extra hard on me is not being able to run.  Usually, I would look forwrad to a slightly warm winter day and hit the road all bundled up.  I'm just ready for the winter to be over and for my stupid injury to be better.  Bring on the feel good attitude of the summer sun! (I promise I'll never complain that it's too hot, not even when we reach temperatures over 100 degrees.) 

Listening to records helped a bit.  But you know what really made me feel better?  A good old game of foos ball!!!  The hubs got me a table top version a few years ago for Christmas.  We got it from the basement, dusted it off and proceeded to play a few games.  The hubs usually dominates me, but I guess my glasses are coming in handy for something, because I've gotten a lot better.  At least now I'm a solid contender against him.  So if anyone else has the winter blues, a little competition never hurt anyone.

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  1. Foos ball for the win! (hopefully you did win, cuz that makes it even better). Spring is right around the corner. Actually, I feel like it's already here in SD and it kinda pisses me off. We barely had a winter and I'm worried spring won't be as surprising and exciting when it arrives. Do you want to kick me? I guess the grass is always greener. :)


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