Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Style Update: Snow Wear

Look at all that snow!  On the way to our weekly dinner date to Chipotle (yes--we love it that much!), I made the hubs pull over by a park and take a picture of me in the snow.  I had lofty visions of me in the middle of a winter wonderland, but these were soon dashed when I realized how deep and wet the snow was.  I settled for standing by a snow drift.  Some of my expressions look kind of weird, so please ignore those.  If I had all the riches in the world, I would buy everything in my wardrobe from JCrew or Anthropologie.  Alas, I don't, but I still want my clothes to have that same vibe.  I think you can find similar stuff from places like Target and Old Navy.  I know that the quality might not be quite the same, but I have cardigans from Target that I have worn for years.  The reason I'm always so drawn to JCrew and Anthropologie is because I like how they put things together in the store.  I have to force myself to use it as inspiration and "shop my closet" to mix and match things in different ways to make them feel fresh again.  This is a new combo for me, and I like how adding the brooch and earrings added a little something.  This was fun to wear, because now until the end of this snow I'm going to be in my full parka and snow pants.  Maybe I need to invest in some moon boots, as popularized by one Napoleon Dynamite.  Those and boondoggles.
jeans: Gap; shirt and tank top: Old Navy; sweater and scarf: Target; boots: Baretraps; Earrings: Charming Charlie; brooch: Me:) 

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  1. You look very pretty in that last picture. Beautiful smile. I've never looked into J Crew but I LOVE Anthropologie. I am dying for some of their clothes. Their dresses are so pretty. I have never shopped at Target much but I've been there a few times this year and they really do have some great stuff. You're right, it's not quality stuff but it's still pretty and budge friendly. :)


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