Friday, February 8, 2013

Early Valentine's Day Dinner

The hubs and I enjoyed an early Valentine’s Day dinner with my parents this week.  We usually make dinner at home for the actual holiday, but my parents had a gift card to Texas Roadhouse that they were kind enough to share with us from a spirited game of gift card bingo over Christmas.  So we were happy to spread the festivities over a week.  That place is always busy.  Always.  I understand it, though, with their giant margaritas and delicious rolls with honey butter (definitely my dad’s favorite part of that place).  I remember one time we went there he filled up on so many rolls that he had to get his dinner boxed up to go, because he was too full!  Granted, there was a snafu with the kitchen so it did take a long time for our meals to come out.  I just think it’s an amusing antidote.  Anyways, we had an awesome time.  I’m so lucky to have these guys as parents—I really do love hanging out with them. 

My parents—cutest couple ever.  Look at that margarita!

The hubs and me….and another giant margarita!


  1. I find your blog so refreshing! I have nothing against kids (obviously), but it's nice to read about someone I know who is living life without them. A nice change of pace... :)

  2. Thanks Jessica! I really appreciate that! I love following your blog, because I like seeing you, Kevin, and Sharidyn together and doing what you do in your day to day life. I guess that's why blogs are so great--you can experience a life different from you own. You're the best:)


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