Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow Day

We almost made it through the winter without a huge snow storm, but then yesterday happened.  It was like winter was playing a prank on us, letting us know that he wasn't quite done with us yet.  We got something like 12 inches in 6 hours!  We both got to work from home yesterday, which was nice.  Here was the view from our backyard.  Snow galore! 

Luckily I have a super nice husband who shoveled the driveway.  Some neighbors had fancy snow blowers, but my hubs likes to keep it old school.  Got to respect that.  That's him way in the distance.  I wasn't about to leave the warmth of the garage to venture out any closer:)  


  1. Ready for round 2 in a few days?!

  2. That is so much snow! Hopefully this next storm headed this way will leave you guys alone :)


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