Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Do you think anyone will notice?

This is embarrasing, but I just have to laugh at myself.  I have to preface this story by first saying that it is really cold here.  In fact, we're under a winter storm warning for tomorrow.  So I wanted something extra cozy to wear to work today.  I found a heavy sweater in the back of my closet this morning that I hadn't worn all season and thought it would do the trick.  It's a light blue color, and I noticed a tiny stain on the sleeve.  I knew that I had washed it, and it really wasn't that big so I pulled on the sweater and ran out the door.  But as I was sitting in a meeting today, I looked down at my sweater and noticed that there were more stains on the front!  Oops!  None of the stains are a big deal on their own, but together...  I got through the day cringing, but telling myself that most people are concerned with what is going on with them and won't look at me closely enough to see the stains.  But maybe that is just what I'm telling myself to feel better about wearing a stained shirt to work.  Oh well.  You can't win them all, right?  I am making a promise to myself that tomorrow morning I will inspect my shirt in bright lights before putting it on.  In an effort to distract from my humiliation today, here's a picture of the hubs in a Scooby Doo outfit, and me in a sweet handlebar mustache at my best friend's wedding last summer.  Focus on that instead:)


  1. Oh, I have been there before. I feel your embarrassment. You took it like a champ it seems though. It happens, don't worry. :) Those pictures are so fun. I need to take more silly pictures. :/

    1. Thanks Karla- that makes me feel better:) Tomorrow is a new day, right? Have a great night!


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