Wednesday, September 18, 2013


We got cruiser bikes a few years ago to take leisurely bike rides around town.  I wanted something that looked vintage, but still had gears since, contrary to what some might think, we do have hills in Kansas (at least around where I live).  I love the chrome on this bike, but since the day I got it, I knew it was missing something.  A basket on the front, of course!  How else am I supposed to store a little boombox for music as we cruise around the block, a la the movie "Now and Then"?  For some reason, whenever I think about riding bikes, I picture those four girls going on fantastic adventures on their bikes singing along to a radio strapped to the front of one of the bikes.  Everybody needs their own soundtrack for adventures.

So for three years, I was complacent with not having a basket.  I thought surely Wade would pick up on the many hints I dropped and "surprise" me with one for an anniversary or birthday. Cut to this weekend when we planned on going on a bike ride with my parents to a local pizza place.  I determined a few hours beforehand that I would not go on another bike ride without a basket.  So I made Wade hunt down this wicker one at Target while I was working on things for my craft fair this weekend and forced asked him nicely to put it on my bike.  It may have made us run a little bit late, but I had a cool basket to hold all our stuff!  I proudly showed my parents and scoffed when my mom said things would probably fly out of it.  Just to show her how great it was, I offered to store her jacket in it until she was ready to wear it.

And off we went!  Wade and I rode our bikes along the streets to the trail head, while my parents drove with their bikes.  About 30 seconds after leaving, I hit a bump and my mom's jacket flew out of the basket.  At that moment, my parents were just passing by me in their car, and I could see my mom's face mouthing "I told you so" as I ran after her jacket that had landed on the ground a few feet away.  I guess mothers do know best.  Oh, well.  There are always a few kinks to work out with anything new.

Without further incident, we made it to the trail and started our epic journey.  The trail is the site of Kansas City's last streetcar line.  After the streetcar was no longer in operation, the tracks were removed and the city built up a great trail.  I love it because parts are surrounded by a lot of trees, while other parts back up to cute shopping areas.  We took our time and enjoyed the perfect fall air.  There aren't many really perfect nights that aren't too hot or too cold, so we really lucked out.

We made it to our favorite pizza place, parked our bikes, and ordered a pitcher of beer to celebrate our harrowing journey.
We probably sat there a bit too long, because it was pretty dark when we started riding again.  Not too dark to stop for some ice cream on the way back, though.
I swear we didn't plan to all wear a yellow shirt
Oh, and on the way back, we also noticed some "birds" flying around.  Nope, it was just a huge swarm of bats.  We had heard this area had a bat problem. I'll say.  Not sure if you can really see them in this picture, but look really closely.  See all those black blob things in the sky?  Yep, those are just a ton of bats, and you all know how I feel about bats.

We will definitely be doing this again soon.  It was a great time and made my heart happy.


  1. That looks like such a good time. I wish we lived closer to cool places so we could ride our bikes. But The closest cool place is at least 4 miles away a bit uphill and I'm just not conditioned for a trip like that. Boo me!

    I had to laugh when reading about the jacket falling out. You're basket is much cuter than mine. I have a wire one that has proven itself to be very handy it's just not cute though. :/

    Hopefully once the weather cools we can slowly work our way up to riding out bikes 8 miles.

  2. Love this! And love your bike basket! So cute. Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

  3. Sounds like the most perfect evening! It's the little things in life, like bike baskets and the fall air, that make life special. Oh, and best friends make life REALLY special. Love you!

  4. cute new basket!!! I loved my beach cruiser but unfortunately it couldn't happen the hilly areas around my house (who would have thought?)

  5. That looks like a really wonderful evening. You do live in such a lovely area. How fantastic to be able to cycle to the pizza place along that trail. Round here we have to dice with death on the roads a lot of the time, although the little town I live in isn't too bad.

  6. The new basket is lovely, I definitely need to get on my bike more come summer time.

  7. Gah! The basket is so cute and perfect! How awesome is it that you can ride to so many cute places? Stay away from those bats though, you.

  8. This looks so fun! My husband and I have been eyeing cruiser bikes for about three years now, ha ha! We never find any we like. I am so short (5'1) so the regular women's bikes are way too tall for me & then I feel too small in the children's. There has been one that I fell in love with and it was technically for teens but it was $300.00 and I just don't want to pay that much for a bike, lol! I would love to get one, especially since we live like not even an hour away from the beach! BTW you look JUST like your mom!!! :)

    ♥ Brittney @ True Vintage Love


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